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This article only covers the Quatrro owned ConsumerSoft subsidiary My Phone Support, for Quatrro themselves along with the many other side companies they own, please see Quatrro's page.



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My Phone Support (a subsidiary of Consumer Software International) is a paid, fraudulent phone based technical support company run out of Gurgaon India that offers and pushes multiple computer related services/products upon calling customers. MPS's website (My Phone Support official website) has received few updates since its founding in 2009, only under going occasional phone number, image and pricing changes. Surprisingly, the first signs of baiters encountering them only seems to date back to 2016, though around September 2017, this increased drastically as multiple Discord based scam-baiting groups started to call them daily. ConsumerSoft does not state that there is any further ownership of their company beyond themselves, indicating that they’re the highest power you can reach, but with the efforts of an individual, eventually ownership of ConsumerSoft was linked back to Quattro Global Services Private Limited (founded in 2005), another Gurgoan India based company that offers many business processing outsourcing solutions. Raman Roy, owner of Quatrro, is a well known figure in India. Being recognized as "a father of the BPO industry”.

The Scam

Most employees will attempt to trick/coax the customer into purchasing one of their support plans; either $79.95 for a one time fix or $249 yearly for unlimited support (Previously $29.95 and $199). The only variation that exists within the plans they provide are the names given to the non-existent software which they claim will be included. There is no consideration of the actual problem, how serious it is or how difficult it will be to fix. Said software has its name created at discretion of the employee reached and what they see fit to make it most appealing to the calling customer in order to lure them into purchasing it. For example, if said customer has an issue with their iPhone, the employee will claim he needs "Apple Firewall Network Security" in order to fix the issue. Along with the arbitrarily named software that apparently comes with the support plans, they also allow customers to download two other applications. The first being My Faster PC; a paid software with a free trial, which boldly states it will speed up your computer, report problems/perform system maintenance and remove unwanted programs, tool-bars, add-ons and unneeded files. Although this program has been available since 2008; a whole year before MPS was founded, there has never been any known reports of MPS using this software when working on a customers computer. While the product is known for reporting false positives, no malicious actions are known to be preformed once executed. The second available program is the My Phone Support application for Windows PCs, little detail is provided on their website about this free to download application, but after multiple experiments it has been discovered to be a scare-ware program which grabs specific errors from event viewer, applies them to a currently active programs name and displays it as an on-screen pop up indicating that said program has crashed and the user should call My Phone Support to get assistance with the error. Preceding versions of the program are not known to exhibit this behavior. Previously, ConsumerSoft was listed as a Silver Certified Microsoft Partner on the MS Partner repository which they still proudly display on Regardless of the fact that it has now been revoked, employees will still guide you to their site and point out the badge in an attempt to prove the legitimacy of their company. The Microsoft Community forums also contains multiple questions regarding MPS and whether or not they are a Microsoft trusted technical support provider, all of which have responses from reputable forum members informing the users that they should avoid this company.

Interactions with the scam-bating community

After many months of constant interaction with various people from the scam-baiting community, action by parent company ConsumerSoft was eventually taken on November 6th, 2017, when ConsumerSoft's attorney Wesley Martin Mullen issued a legal request to the New York supreme court, petitioning that IceHook Systems (Parent company of FireRTC), Discord Incorporated and Cameron Lobban (Owner of disclose all information about the defendants who have (Quote taken from the initial petition) "Hid behind internet aliases in order to evade responsibility for an unlawful scheme of telephone calls and statutory computer fraud and abuse designed to overwhelm and disable Petitioner’s computer and telephone systems; and otherwise to attack, harass, interfere with, and damage ConsumerSoft and its business". In the following weeks, Cameron Lobban (located in the UK) was visited by a lawyer at 8:00 AM (document incorrectly states 8:00 PM) on the 16th of November to be informed of the actions being taken against him.

Evidence of illegal actions

Many scambaiters have scambaited MPS and exposed them for using fraudulent tactics along with misleading software. A recent video by Thunder Tech shows MPS are running fake alert messages asking users to call their support toll free number.